12 mars 2017 11 h 00 min Indian/Mauritius

The Address Boutique

Hotel Port Chambly, Port Louis, Mauritius

    When you are taken on a journey to discover Asia’s finest cusine, it’s hard to refuse heading over to the Address! Travel along that ancient spice route for a delicious adventure introducing flavours and aromas from the Far East.

    An Asian Brunch sets the mood for a great Sunday. Good food, great people in a most gorgeous setting.

    ➨ Asian Brunch
    Rs 1400 per person.
    50% off for children under 10 years old.

    ✺ Start your culinary journey with a selection of :
    Hokkaido Gyoza dumpling
    Cantonese spring rolls
    Complemented with Select salad from the Kushiro region.

    ✺ Taste a unique Japanese green cha soba noodles accompanied by Izumi’s famous:
    chilled prawn and mussels from the Hokkaido region.

    ✺ Continue your journey with a bowl of Penang’s famous curry Laksa accompanied with a choice of noodles and a full selection of authentic condiments.
    A feature selection of:
    Malaysia’s Hananese chicken rice
    Japanese gyuniku katsu beef with curry
    Cantonese seafood with tofu
    Assorted Asian style vegetables

    ✺ Culminating with a live cooking preparation by our Izumi expert chefs featuring Roti Canai and chicken teppanyaki style.

    ✺ Our dessert assortment featuring the best from east to west will ensure a successful ending to your Asian brunch journey at Izumi.

    A truly a timeless discovery.

    Confucius says: 405 3000 for all bookings and information.

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