Attack the Track 2017#3- Powered By Ruben Racing


    17 septembre 2017 11 h 00 min - 16 h 30 min Indian/Mauritius

    Stade Anjalay Belle Vue Maurel (Plaine des Papayes)

    Belle Vue Maurel, Riviere Du Rempart, Mauritius

      Off We Go again, The B1 Racing Team is back for the Third Edition of ATTACK THE TRACK 2017#3 – Powered by Ruben Racing. Join us for an Open Track concept opened to road legal motorcycle and race bikes of all types 50-300cc ( Road use – Touring- Sports – etc) for you to unleash your track potential.

      In addition to the Usual Track session, we have come with a new concept, we will have 2 bonus races for the Kawasaki KSR PRO and the Group 4(Proto) Race Category (on Invitation Only) and of course some Surprizes Waiting!!
      – FREE Coaching By Mauritian experience rider present.
      – Entry fees: Rs 300 – No pre-Registration
      – Your Motorcycle should meet the requirements and roadworthy to participate – Good Tyres- More than 50% Grip, Good brakes, maintenance etc…
      – Full face Helmet (Only), Jacket (Leather or Armoured), Biking Gloves, Safety Rider Boots, Appropriate proctedtive Pants or Knee Protection, etc, and the familiar race rider – one piece leather suit is required.
      – Declaration form is MANDATORY to be signed by participants before riding
      – No protection= No ride
      – Please bear in mind that this is not a competition or time attack event! (except for the races mentioned)

      The organiser reserved the right of Admission and participation to this event.

      We count on all of you which will be present on the DAY for a smooth collaboration with the organization and respecting the security consign, thanking you in advance for your kind understanding.



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