6 mai 2017 19 h 30 min - 21 h 30 min Indian/Mauritius

LUX* Grand Gaube

Coastal Road, Grand Gaube, Mauritius

    Scarlett de la Torre is a multi-faceted global nomad, DJ, musician, performer, travel influencer, and tastemaker of fashion. A half-Filipina, half-German-American, Her journey began with her birth on the beautifully multicultural island of Hong Kong, from where she has catapulted into over 50 countries to share her talent and light with the world.
    Diversity and musical adventure are the essence of the Code de Scarlett. First and foremost, she is a musician. Multi-talented as DJ, pianist, and guitarist. One week she can be found playing keys on stage with the legendary Nile Rodgers and Johnny Marr at Montreux Jazz Festival, and the next orchestrating the music for Matthew Williamson from the sound box of the Royal Opera House London, with Cara Delevigne stomping down the runway and Anna Wintour in the front row. She has spent over a decade as a DJ and performer in the international club scene, with performances in a broad spectrum of settings: from Robot Heart, Burning Man to the Formula One Singapore to the debaucherous weddings & birthdays of undisclosed royalty and celebrities across the globe.
    Read more on http://www.scarlettdelatorre.com/


    Price BBQ dinner at Rs 1800 per person
    Booking please contact 2049116 / 52580410

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