11 novembre 2017 0 h 00 min Indian/Mauritius

    The Indian Ocean Triathlon is a fantastic event which takes place in the south-west part of Mauritius and one of the most beautiful coasts of the Island.
    Some says that it is “one of the most beautiful triathlon in the world”… Either you are an experimented triathlete or a beginner who will participate in its first triathlon, you can be sure that you will remember this race.
    Each year great Champions and top Triathletes are also participating into the event, offering you the wonderful opportunity to meet them in a very friendly atmosphere, during the various group events during the week before the race, and also on race day.
    The swimming event will take place in the beautiful lagoon of Le Morne, among colorful fish and corals of all shapes…
    The cycling track includes:
    The challenging Chamarel Climb and its village
    The southern coastal road which goes alongside magnificent lagoons and through typical coastal villages
    The run is at Le Morne Peninsula including a fabulous Finish on the beach.

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