2 mars 2017 17 h 00 min - 2 h 00 min Indian/Mauritius

Kas Poz

Ground floor, Nexteracom Tower 2, 72201, Ebène, Plaines Wilhems, Mauritius

    Are you ready to welcome March and its Martians?!👽 😅 Because you should!!! 😃👾

    On the program of this weekend:

    🔽#ThursdayIsTHIRSTDAY🎤 – Old Country Road karaoke session (blues, jazz and funk special) [17:00 – 00:00]

    🔽#FeelGoodFriday🎙🎸 – LIVE with ZiOn followed by DJ Jean Noel Fanny! [17:00 – 02:00]

    🔽#kasBEFOREpoz saturday – Your #BeforeSpotMru to chill before you go clubbing! [18:00 – 02:00] -🍻🏓 #DeerPong
    -⛳🍺 #PuttForAJug
    -🎱 #Billard
    -💅 #Nailbar by Samantha Rosse Rampal
    -🍹🍸#MakeYourOwnCocktail by Stephan Orange
    -💃🎮#JustDance2017 for moooooore fun ^_^

    See you Guys! 😎😘

    Your special deer,
    Boris. 😉

    Free entrance for everyone, the management reserves the right for admission.

    Dress Code: Casual Smart
    🎊🕔-🕖Happy Hours
    🎉17:00 – 19:00 in the week
    🎉18:00 – 20:00 on Saturdays

    50% Off cocktails, house spirits & wines, local beers
    Dinner bookings essential, call on 468 1661
    Pizzas, Burgers, gadjaks, and much more!!

    We’re found at Ground floor, Nexteracom tower 2, Ebene
    Telephone: 468 1661
    email: contact@kaspoz.net

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