3 juin 2017 8 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min Indian/Mauritius

    Combining features of trail running and multisport racing, the Tropica’Dingue at Mon Trésor is THE wackiest and most fun-packed of all sporting challenges to have hit the shores of Mauritius. This unique event brings together solo and team competitors who participate in an off-road race of almost 10 km, with twenty-two original obstacles interspersed all along. On the menu: mud, water, underground passages, net-climbing, tyre obstacle courses, and so much more…

    After a succesfull first edition in 2016 that drew over 1,200 participants, Tropica’Dingue returns to Mauritius in 2017 ! The sun, palm trees and a massive lagoon stretching out endlessly will give an exotic cachet to this race where fancy is the by-word.
    All united by one shared goal!

    Have fun, clear obstacles and cross the finish line with your teammates. Let yourself be engrossed in an atmosphere of merriment while surpassing yourself over exceptional challenges. For this event, fun, folly and mutual cooperation matter more than finishing time!

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