17 mars 2017 22 h 00 min - 2 h 00 min Indian/Mauritius


Costal road, Next Total filling station, Grand Baie, Riviere Du Rempart

    Exploring in depth the undiscovered electronic genre at-large; is the soul and purpose of the weekly endeavour ‘Off-the-Charts’. To the unthinkable number of music that is being blessed upon the globe, the electronic genre claims many and to discover all of them takes more than a billboard list. On that note, come experience first-ears of the finest uncharted electronic pieces brought to you by sound savants including BARaBAR familiars Dumb & Dumber.
    On the 17th; Off-the-Charts hails one of the islanders enthusiasts, RAin, who crafts unique sets and creates perfect blend between ethereal melody and rhythm. rAin also headlined several major gigs & festivals and also featured alongside artist such as Popof, Rodriguez Jr and more. To lift the curtains on electronic masterpieces unknown to the right-field sphere, catch rAin and our residents this Friday at BARaBAR, where art meets people.

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