Wednesday Night Show


    1 mars 2017 20 h 00 min - 23 h 55 min Indian/Mauritius

    The Irish Pub

    Irish trianon maurice

      Proud to introduce our new concept to you! Our Wednesday Night Shows will be each first Wednesday of the month and will feature magicians, stand-up comedians and many other types of performers! Both local and international. (Obviously we’re not telling you everything now! We hope you like surprises as much as we do.)

      We are having our first Wednesday Night Show on the 1st of March and we’re kicking off with The Mentalist himself; Mr William Watt.


      French-born magician-mentalist who performs in the whole of France and in Monaco, Geneva and Los Angeles on a regular basis.

      He is a new-generation mentalist who blends humour, distorted charm and insolence. Passionate and perfectionist he stands out with a very fuid and elegant style.

      He has performed for 3 consecutive years at the Lido in Paris and has won the French close-up magic championship in 2012; just after winnng the « Coupe de France de close-up » in 2011.

      William Watt can perform in English, French and Spanish.

      To this day, he performs 4 times a week in private venues in France and around Europe.

      Lucky you are that we got you this incredible performer for what promises to be an unforgettable evening.

      We’ll see you all on Wednesday 1st March.

      For all your bookings, call on 5908 2014.


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