10 mars 2017 22 h 00 min - 2 h 00 min Indian/Mauritius

    Gear up for an aural manifestation of electronic waves composed of both music to groove to and music to trip to. The electronic deviations ahead may get you numbed as the tastemakers have more than a few up their sleeves to enchant listeners in their analog charms.

    Alexi, a music enthusiast who focused his scope on discovering electronic music; developed a passion for thee and devotes into sharing the art he comes upon, through his speakers to the world. This passion regroups and brings together an electronic amalgam shared by others; of which Alexi selected a few friends to share the decks. In other words, expect surprise sets from some of your favorite island brewed DJs. Join them on their solemn rite this 10th of March at BaRaBar for an All Night Long experience.

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