Concert- Pianiste J. Philogène et de J.M Ringadoo


    7 avril 2017 19 h 30 min Indian/Mauritius

    Auditorium Francis Thomé

    Quatre Borne

      Opera Mauritius brings to you the young pianist, Juliette Philogène, during her brief stay in Mauritius – her country of birth, to show the magic in her fingertips.
      The show will begin with the music of Johannes Brahms, ‘Variations de Haendel’, written in the 1860’s and dedicated to a close friend of Brahms, Clara Schumann, another distinguished pianist.
      During the second part, Juliette Philogène will play along the tenor Jean-Michel Ringadoo on three tracks, including a piece of ‘Rigoletto de Verdi’. Singing schools’ students will each perform a song, accompanied by the pianist.


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