JCI City Plus – Golf Initiation


    9 avril 2017 10 h 30 min - 13 h 00 min Indian/Mauritius

    Avalon Golf Estate

    Bois cherie, 60203, Bois Sec, Savanne, Mauritius

      We got your adrenaline pumping with Scuba Diving, we experienced true JCI brotherhood during the Dina Robin Challenge and now it’s time for a relaxed Sunday in the lush surroundings of Bois Cheri.

      Mauritius is listed among the countries with the highest density of golf courses and JCI City Plus aims at making it accessible to JCI members, along with an opportunity to learn a new skill that could prove useful in the development path of a young active citizen.

      As such, JCI City Plus has the immense pleasure to invite you to a Golf Initiation.

      Golf Initiation Details
      Date: Sunday, 9th April 2017
      Time: As from 10.30am
      Venue: Avalon Golf Estate, Bois Cheri
      Cost: Rs 650 (inclusive of equipment & Lunch)


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